Series: The Great Glitch #2
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 173
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How far would you go to save the ones you loved? To the end of the Earth... Well, what if that already happened? What if they're on opposite ends of the galaxy?

Sometimes, saving the world by yourself doesn’t go as planned.

All Synta ever wanted was a normal, boring life with her family. She wouldn’t even dream of being greedy enough to wish for her parents back. Just Brooks, Howie, and her. That’s all she asked. Whatever the opposite of that is, that’s what Synta got stuck with. And now she has a score to settle.

The Earth burned before her eyes. It’s gone, and it took the only two people Synta had left with it. She lost everything; Brooks, the baby brother she swore to protect, and Howie, the boy who risked his life to spare hers.

Stranded on opposite ends of the universe, Howie and Brooks both need her. One’s life hangs in the balance, stranded and alone on an uncharted barren planet. The other was supposed to land safely on Gliese, but with no means of communication, Synta has no way of knowing if he made it.

In order to reach either of them, Synta must play along with a fool’s errand and fit in with the same militia that destroyed her life in the first place. But danger lurks around every corner, and when resources are scarce, people start floating.

When cryo fails and people start waking up ahead of schedule, Synta must  become that which she despises. It falls on her to decide who lives or dies.

Can she survive cold black empty space while those around her crumble? Can she don the wolf’s clothing of her enemy and sneak onto a frozen planet that refuses entry for an Unrein like her?

Will she be too late anyway?


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