Series: The Great Glitch #1
Release Date: December 1, 2017
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Pages: 273
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I was thirteen the first time I watched someone glitch out and die.

Things went downhill from there.

First we were forcibly microchipped by the Sister Nations. Then forcibly un-chipped.

For those who didn’t comply, The Great Glitch was swift retribution.

Now there's just me, my little brother, and my best friend, Howie, left.

I’m Synta, a Child of the Resistance, and by Stone I’m gonna get us off this planet!

Synta was your average teenager -- computer drone, annoyed big sister, Child of The Resistance -- set to inherit the family's data integrity business. Then The Great Glitch tore all that away and she became something… else.

When Synta watched her father glitch out and die right before her eyes, she had no idea the world died with him. And she didn’t care. All she wanted was for things to go back to normal. When another wave of Glitches threatened the remaining population, all she could do was run.

After The Uprising, the masses were microchipped by decree from the Sister Nations. Then one day those chips become a liability. Rampant hacking and telepathy were the catalysts to a worldwide ban. Only The Resistance would recycle chips. Only Rebels would dare defy removal orders. As one of those Rebels, Synta must keep her chip a secret from the Council, endure abuses no human should face, and get her little brother, Brooks, on the last ship off an angry Earth.

The best thing about Epoch Earth: The Great Glitch is the description. Toasha does an awesome job of planting you firmly into the middle of the action. Her descriptive powers are worth studying, in my opinion. The opening scene is a great example of how to show the action with great description. I’m jealous.

The Naked Reviewers

Compelling and disturbing imagery, yet I couldn't look away.

Goodreads Reviewer

Good story, good character development and a nice twist that sets it apart from the usual TEOTWAWKI fare. I highly recommend it.

Amazon Reviewer

Very dark future

Audible Reviewer

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