Epoch Triom: Revolt

When Synta landed on Gliese, she thought her troubles were behind her. Little did she know that everything she survived on Earth was barely preparation for what awaited her when the hatch opened.

Epoch Gliese: Mass Exodus

How far would you go to save the ones you loved? To the end of the Earth… Well, what if that already happened? What if they’re on opposite ends of the galaxy?

Epoch Earth: The Great Glitch

I was thirteen the first time I watched someone glitch out and die. Things went downhill from there. I’m Synta, a Child of the Resistance, and by Stone I’m gonna get us off this planet!
Current Book Progress
  • Of Blood Series – Book 1 05% 05%
  • Murderous Mystery Series (Not actual name) 67% 67%
  • The Great Glitch – Book 4 01% 01%

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